AudiobooksAudiobooks are rapidly increasing in popularity. There are so many reasons why audio books are getting so popular. People are so busy now a days with life, they hardly have time to sit and read a book or read to their children.



Leroy the Lizard Audiobook

Leroy the Lizard is very lazy. But what are the other lizards going to do about it?


Kids Audiobook

A delightful and fun book  to have. You can read along or read aloud or even listen to the audio only.


Krish, Trish and Their Fish in a Dish

A fun and enlightening story about three beers. This book helps readers in so many ways. It is for both ESL learners and native English speakers.


Trish Krish and Their Fish in a Dish Sale

Krish, Trish and Their Fish in a Dish is about three adventurous bears. It is a delightful story book for English as a Second Language learners and native English speakers. It is also available in ebook version here on our website in our ebook store section. You can read it on your own or do a read along with the audio.


Audiobooks are very beneficial to English as a Second Language Learner, those who are unable to read, children with learning disability, people who are struggling to read, and so many of us who do not have the time to sit and read. So many parents are finding it more difficult to read to their children because of their busy life.

Many Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL) are using audiobooks with their English learners. As an English as a Second Language Teacher, I read to many of my students and they follow along. That is pretty much like listening to an audiobook. They are using them in traditional classrooms to help disabled kids, struggling readers and those who cannot read. In addition, people are using them for other reasons such as:  traveling, bedtime story time, just to mention a few.

When family or friends are traveling, adults don’t have to spend the time to read to their children or read aloud. Take for instance if someone is driving and he or she has young children in the back, the children can listen to an audiobook while traveling. If you are in public and do not want to disturb people around you by reading out loud, the audiobook is quite handy. So, not only is it quite useful to the children and parents, audiobooks are very beneficial if you are in a public place.

Here are some benefits of audiobooks:

  • Read along
  • Read aloud
  • The books come alive
  • Helps with pronunciation
  • Helps to develop listening skills
  • Familiarise readers and listeners with different accents
  • Fun hearing different characters in the book