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Currently Leroy the Lizard ebook is available in other languages (English, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, and Turkish), and other languages are available upon request (to preorder in the language of your choice, please give 5 days to receive the copy). Download your copy of one of these awesome stories today(see below). Awesome books for your children and also to give friends or family as a present. Parents can read these story books to their children at bedtime or during play. Those kids who can read can enjoy one of these sweet stories and many more stories to come.

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Kertenkele Leroy

  • Kertenkele Leroy çok tembeldir. O, deliksiz bir şekilde sürekli uyuyan bir kertenkeledir. Leroy, büyük limon ağacında yalnız yaşar. O çok tembeldi; kendisine zar zor yiyecek bulurdu. Bu kitap, ESL (ikinci dil olarak İngilizce) öğrencilerine ‘L’ harfinin telaffuzu hakkında yardımcı olması ve aynı zamanda öğrencilerin eğlenmesi için yazılmıştır. Bu kitabı okuyanlar aynı zamanda “Trish, Krish ve Onların Tabaktaki Balıkları”(Trish, Krish and Their Fish in a Dish.) hikâyesini de okurlar. İki kitap da İngilizce dil seçeneğiyle Amazon’da mevcuttur. [ebook_store ebook_id="3060"]


  • 蜥蜴勒罗伊

    蜥蜴勒罗伊非常懒。他大多数时间都在树上。他从来不想跟蜥蜴们玩,也从来不出去找食物吃。 写这本书是为了帮助英语为第二语言的学生在享受这个故事的同时,练习字母“L”的发音。那些读这本书的人也阅读“翠西、克里斯和他们菜里的鱼。” 你可以在亚马逊上获得这两本书的英文版和其他语言版本。今天就在http://www.ndmeslviasocialmedia.org/下载一个副本吧! [ebook_store ebook_id="3056"]

It's Not So Bad To Have Two Dads

  • It's Not So Bad to Have Two Dads

It's Not so Bad to Have Two Moms

  • Part of a series

It's Not So Bad to Have Two Dads & It's Not So Bad to Have Two Moms

  • It's Not So Bad to Have Two Dads & Moms

도마뱀 리로이

  • 도마뱀 리로이 는 아주 게을러요.

    도마뱀 리로이는 아주 게을러요. 리로이는 나무에서 대부분의 시간을 보내요. 리로이는 친구 도마뱀들과 놀고 싶어 하지 않고 음식을 구하러 가지도 않지요. 이 책은 영어를 공부하는 학생들의 알파벳 “L”발음을 돕기 위해 쓰여졌습니다. 이 책을 읽으셨다면 “트리쉬, 크리쉬, 그리고 접시에 담긴 물고기”를 찾아보세요. [ebook_store ebook_id="3055"]

Leroy Si Kadal

  • Leroy si kadal sangatlah pemalas.

    Leroy si kadal sangatlah pemalas. Dia menghabiskan sebagian besar waktunya di pohon. Dia tdak pernah ingin bermmain dengan kadal-kadal dan tak pernah pergi dan mencari makanan untuk dimakan. Kedua buku tersebut juga tersedia dalam Bahasa Inggris di Amazon dan tersedia juga dalam Bahasa-bahasa lainnya. Ambilah salinannya hari ini di  http://www.ndmeslviasocialmedia.org [ebook_store ebook_id="3045"]

Leroy the Lizard

  • Leroy the Lizard: Ebooks from author Sophia Nelson - Doman.

    Here are my ebooks, they are available in different languages. There are children's books available in different languages and also a business book. Click on the books below to see more information and access buy links to all stores. Available in ebook and some are available in audio format also. [ebook_store ebook_id="3012"]  

Trish, Krish and Their Fish in a Dish

  • Ebooks from author Sophia Nelson - Doman.

    Her English as a Second Language students inspired and encouraged her to write these children’s books. Many of them wanted a fun story book to read to their children, which would help with certain words they are having problem pronouncing. People who read this book also enjoy her other book Leroy the Lizard above. The bears were very hungry and decided to go to the pond to catch some fish. They had to share and have fun together. The bears went home and told mama bear the whole story about their day. This story is sweet and enlightening. Not only is it native English speaker, it is also great for English as a Second Language learners.

Lily Figures Out the True Meaning of Christmas

  • Lily Figures Out the True Meaning of Christmas is a delightful and enlightening story about Christmas, church and giving to others. Not only did Lily figured out the true meaning of Christmas she also learn from her family about giving and sharing. 

    Christmas is not the only time to give and share with others, we should always be sharing. We will all learn about loving one another and sharing with one another. Most people think Christmas is about giving presents. It is about Jesus Christ and be kind and caring like Christ. It is not Xmas but Christmas. It is all about Christ. We should all be Christ like - caring, loving, forgiving, sharing and be selfless.  Children is going to love this fun and delightful story about Lily and Christmas. Not only is it for Christmas, it is also for any time of the year. 

Customer Service & Call Centre 101

  • Customer Service and Call Centre 101 by author Sophia Nelson - Doman

    This book is for English as a Second Language (ESL) people, English speakers who are pursuing a career in Customer Service, or English speaking representatives who want to improve their customer service skills. In this textbook, you will learn how to communicate in the telecommunication industry and resolve issues. The lessons are to help you give excellent customer service and interpersonal relationship skills with individuals. It is very interactive and there are many practice exercises (Practercise) to use and learn from. [ebook_store ebook_id="3067"]